Common Earth Studio

Yin & Oils (Studio)
with Claire Pianta

April 16 (Tuesday)
at 9:30 am

Class length
75 minutes

Class/booking type
Yoga & Essential Oils

spots left
Indulge in a self-care ritual during an oils infused Yin Yoga class.
Allow a luxurious amount of time in each pose and the weight of gravity pressing your body to earth to release the deeper layers of the physical body. In yin yoga we go beyond the layers of muscular tissue, accessing deep connective tissue and energy lines. Need deep rest?'ll find it here. Yin comes highly recommended as a complementary practice to any form of yang/solar/active/power yoga. doTERRA essential oils are used aromatically and topically throughout class to deepen your sensory awareness. If you prefer not to have oils applied to your skin please mention this to the teacher at the start of class. Please note, this is a guided experience not an informative lecture about oils. Please check out our oily workshops and classes if you are interested in learning more.

Level: Open / Beginner accessible  / Pregnancy suitable (please mention pregnancy at start of class as most oils are not suitable to be applied topically)
Music: Ambient


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